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    Dont take life too seriously, nobody gets out alive...

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    Born in Rapid City, South Dakota I grew up on a ranch in the middle of the beautifull Black Hills of South Dakota. I joined the National Gaurd with 18 to help finance my schooling as an House and Industry Electrician and after graduating in a bad year for construction I deceided to go full time Army.

    After sludging through the rice paddies of South Korea as a radio man for a year, I visited the 101`st Airborne Division in Fort Campell, Kentucky for Jungle Training in Panama and Air Assault School and much more. After changing my job to Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (see video here) I ended up here in Germany (where I still live) and after the first Gulf War I decided to try my luck in the civilian world.

    After 20 years of driving trucks through out Europe, I have recieved my Bachelor of Transport Management and now sit behind a desk.

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    Russell Smith

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